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The field of public relations has changed with the evolution of computers and the speed with which information can spread. However, the need for public relations to be clear, concise, and accurate while being completely appropriate for the situation has not changed however. In this comprehensive course, learn how to determine the type of information required, to approach PR strategically, create compelling releases, and manage your media relations.

This two-day workshop will help teach participants how to:
  • Apply the different purposes to strategic vs. tactical PR
  • Design a PR strategy
  • Develop strong relationships with reporters and journalists
  • Take their communication skills to a higher level


Public Relations

In this session, participants will explore what public relations is all about and why it is important.

Building Your PR Plan

This session begins with a checklist of essential elements for a PR plan. Then, individual steps of the plan (including defining the goal, selecting your strategy, and defining benchmarks) are covered. Students will also have an opportunity to practice creating a PR plan.

Structuring Messages

This session focuses on building a media image and creating strong, positive messages. Media kits are also covered.

Establishing Media Guidelines

Next, participants will learn what media guidelines are all about and how to choose a spokesperson.

Managing the Media

In this session, participants will learn how to build relationships with the media. Topics include developing sound bites, answering tough questions, and what to do when you have no comment.

The Press Release

This session is all about writing a press release that gets your company noticed in the right way.

PR and the Crisis

Next, participants will learn about a slightly different aspect of public relations: managing a crisis.

Social Media and Public Relations

The final session of this course will explore the role of social media in public relations.

Workshop Wrap-Up
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