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The General English curriculum follows Cambridge examination methodology.

General English is for Levels 1 – 9. Students in Beginner to High Intermediate levels take General English before taking more advanced courses.

  • Students who take this course receive a Certificate of English fluency based on their final level completed and length of study
  • Students gain the English writing and speaking skills necessary for everyday social situations
  • Students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and idioms
Each level of General English is 4 weeks long.
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The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) is one of the best-known English language schools in Canada. For 20 years, ILAC has offered international students a full learning experience, which includes English programs, exceptional customer service, exciting social events and a dynamic atmosphere. Our newly renovated campuses (five in Toronto and four in Vancouver) feature modern interior design and a vibrant learning environment.


ILAC offers English programs for all levels and needs, such as General English, Cambridge FCE and CAE, Business English, TOEFL and IELTS Exam Preparation, University Pathway, Young Adult Programs, GAP Year and High School programs.


Every year ILAC welcomes thousands of students from over 75 countries, creating a great diverse student population at the school.


ILAC has partnership agreements with near 80 Canadian post-secondary institutions and is a pioneer in the University pathway programs and continues to be a leader in university and college placements in Canada.

Over the years, ILAC has received numerous awards (ilac.com/awards/) from around the world, recognizing ILAC’s commitment to teaching English and excellence in customer service. ...

International Language Academy of Canada
920 Yonge St., 4th Fl - 1199 W. Pender, Unit 100, Toronto - Vancouver, Ontario - BC, Canada M4W 3C7 - V6E 2R1
1 877 452 2452
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