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                                                           Meditation Class 

Meditation class - An active meditation class for people who always live the isolated lifestyle or people who wish to communicate their ownself to see the energy body working for them. Eastern meditation techniques which consist vibrant music and active meditation practice - Shaking, Lying, sitting and Dancing. The class is open to each individual. Male or Female. If you are suffering from mental illness or Physical disorders. have the consultation before joining the class.
It is a group class invitation. People who wish to experience, Personal meditation training session can also discuss further. Minimum 5 Participants are required for meditation experiencing or training session. 
For more information about Us - refer our blog page. 
Mail me for any questions or booking your spot. 


No. of Days: 7
Total Hours: 1
No. of Participants: 5
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Mantra Yoga & Meditation

Mantra Yoga & Meditation is a Provider of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training & 300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh,Dharmashala,Goa in India. Also offers Yoga & Meditation courses and workshops in Vancouver, Kelowna, Peachland,Torranto and other part of Canada. Our all Indian programs are residential and Inexpensive. Specialized in Vinyasa & Ashtanga - Yoga Section and Global Meditation teaching in Meditation Section. 
Mantra Yoga & Meditation
Renfrew Road, Peachland, BC, Canada v0h1x7
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