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This course is designed to teach students the semi-automatic process Flux Cored Arc Welding (F.C.A.W.) on heavy gauge carbon steel working towards C.W.B., A.W.S. and/or T.S.S.A. certification.


  1. Welding Safety
  2. Power sources and wire feeders
  3. Welding Gases
  4. Weld Parameters
  5. Wire Identification
  6. Basic Machine Maintenance


  1. T – Travel Speed
  2. A – Gun Angle
  3. L – Arc Length (tip to work)
  4. C – Welding Current (amperage voltage)
  5. Setting proper gas flow
  6. Welding all position lap joints and tee joints
  7. Welding horizontal beads, lap joints and tee joints
  8. Welding multi-pass fillet welds in all positions
  9. Welding groove joints with or without backing

Course Duration: 39 hours

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