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After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand principles and practices of boiler operations
  • Explain boiler types, equipment and specifications
  • Understand boiler water chemistry, quality and analysis
  • Identify causes and mechanisms of failure
  • Troubleshoot operational and maintenance problems
  • Acquire practical professional skill for the boiler water treatment

This course has been designed to provide a broad overview of the boiler water treatment process necessary for the most domestic, institutional, and industrial and power generation uses. The course will discuss in detail the various types of boiler systems, instrumentation, specification, water quality requirements, scale formation, descaling and other issues due to chemical, physical, mechanical and biological consequences.

Analysis of causes for operational and maintenance problems, corrective actions, and troubleshooting of process control will be discussed.

Course Outline:

  • Basic principles, practices and guidelines of boiler water treatment technology
  • Classification and specification of boilers systems
  • Boiler water chemistry fundamentals
  • Boiler component, design and operation
  • The scaling, corrosion, erosion and fouling
  • Carryover – effects, causes and prevention
  • Boiler cleaning, care, storage and recovery
  • Operations, monitoring and maintenance

Who should attend:
Those involved with boiler water treatment, process operation and maintenance, management, supervision and supply:
Boiler water treatment engineers • Industrial/municipal engineers • Water treatment process operators/technicians • Manufacturing process personnel • Power generators • Chemists • Supervisors • Managers • Regulators • Consultants • Suppliers

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