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Levels of Fork Lift Truck Training
At WORK SAFE Training Inc., we understand that each individual may have a different level of skills when operating a lift truck. Which is why we offer 3 types of lift truck training and certification programs.

ADVANCED – An experienced lift truck driver or one that was a previously certified operator with an expired certificate is ideal for completing this program.
INTERMEDIATE: An individual with some experience operating a lift truck, however are in need of additional theory and practical training are recommended for completing program.
NEW / BEGINNER : Individuals who have minimal to no experience operating a lift truck must complete this training program.

Lift Truck Operator Training Objectives
What Will I Learn in My Training Program?

See below for topics and techniques that will be covered in your training program

  • Legislation & Causes of Accidents
  • Lift Truck Features - Components
  • Stability / Nameplate
  • Pre-Operational Safety Inspections
  • Start up & Shutdown Procedures
  • Travelling With & Without Loads
  • Load Handling - Selection, Security, Placement, Pickup
  • Travelling on Ramps & Grades
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Workplace Specific Hazards
  • Refueling - Propane, Gas, Diesel
  • Recharging Batteries

What is Included in my Forklift Training Program?
  • Theoretical + Practical (Training & Evaluations)
  • Photo ID & Diploma Certification (Valid for 3 Years)
  • Record Of Training
  • Free JOB / Employment (Assistance Program)

Types of Lift Truck Training

Counter Balance (Forklift)
Counter Balance Lift Trucks more commonly known as Forklift are the most common type of Lift Truck and have been since their invention.  On Counter Balance Lift Trucks, the forks protrude from the front of the machine, with no out rigging legs or arms, meaning the truck can be driven up to the exact location of the load or racking.Forklift’s are  versatile machines and widely popular due to the fact that they can be operated by many fuel options (electric, gas, diesel or propane), can be used indoors or outdoors, and are used to load and unload trucks and trailers.

Narrow Aisle Reach Truck
Narrow Aisle Reach trucks offer maximum lift height with excellent maneuverability. The name refers to the ability of the fork carriage to reach out beyond the stabilizing legs and therefore reach into racking. The combination of this reach capability and the stabilizing legs means reach trucks can lift to great heights while still operating in very tight working environments.Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks include stand up straddles, swing masts, side loaders and turret trucks. They are battery operated and recommended for indoor use.

Order Picker Lift Truck
An Order Picker Lift Truck is designed to have the operator riding in a cage welded to the fork carriage. Order pickers operators ride up and down with the load and must be secured to the truck using a special safety harness / belt and tether system to prevent falls. A special toothed grab holds a pallet to the forks. The operator hand transfers the load onto the pallet one article at a time.Order picker trucks which are also known as “order selectors.”  Order pickers are battery operated lift trucks and recommended for indoor use.

Walkie / Rider Pallet (Low Lift Pallet)
Walkie / Rider Pallet powered lift trucks are designed for the moving of palletized loads. They don’t have a mast and use pallet forks or a platform to haul loads several inches off the ground.The Operator can either walk with or ride on the platform There is a control lever to select forward or reverse direction, and button control to raise or lower the forks. These pallet lifts are battery operated. A Walkie/ Rider Pallet Lift Truck is great entry level lift truck.

Elevated Work Platform - Aerial / Scissor Lift
Scissor / Aerial Lift is an elevating work platform that can usually only move vertically and utilized to elevate up to places that are inaccessible. The operator is surrounded by guardrails and must use a safety harness to prevent falls.
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