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MS Project Training Workshop

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In-Person / Class
Ended last Nov 20, 2019
CAD  350.00


This course will provide the participants with the vital knowledge, skills, and techniques to plan, organize, manage and control simple to complex projects using a consistent project management approach. The participants learn basic project management concept of; scope management, time management, cost management, risk management, and quality management. Some important project planning and scheduling concepts of Tasks relationships, Dependencies, Constraints, Network Diagram, Critical Path Method (CPM) and Resource Leveling will be presented. Basic concepts and use of Project Monitoring and Control tool the earned value management (EVM) as a decision making tool will be communicated. The basic objective of the course is to combine project management fundamentals knowledge with practical application of Microsoft Project tool; in order to make participants enable to manage and control their projects time and cost more effectively.

Sessions  Dates 2019

  • October 28, 30, November 4, 6, 11, 13, 18 & 20.  Each Mon & Wed. 6:30pm - 9:30 pm


Microsoft project Opening Screen and new Fluent User Interface (UI)

Starting Microsoft project and creating a Project Schedule

Opening and saving new Project Schedule and specifying the Project’s Start Date

Defining Project Calendars

Entering Tasks and Task details and Durations

Organizing Tasks into Phases, Milestones, and Summary Tasks

Linking Tasks and Milestones

Entering Task Notes

Reviewing the Project Schedule’s Duration

Microsoft Project’s Resource Sheet View

Entering Resources – Individual and Group

Establishing Resources – Equipments

Establishing Resources – Materials

Establishing Resources – Costs

Establishing Resource Pay Rates

Assigning Work resources to Tasks

Microsoft Project’s Change Working Time and Create New Base Calendar Dialog Boxes

Applying a Task Calendar to an Individual Task

Understanding Task Types

Using the Schedule Formula to Change Task Type

Using the Task Information Dialog Box to change a Task type

Splitting a Task

Establishing Recurring Tasks

Applying Task Constraints

Reviewing the Project Critical Path

Viewing Resource Allocation over Time

Fine-Tuning Tasks

Microsoft Task Information Dialog

Managing Task Constraints and Dependencies

Setting Task Deadline Dates

Establishing Task Priorities

Manually Scheduling Tasks

Fine-Tuning Resources

Entering Material resource Consumption rate

Entering Cost per use for resources

Assigning Multiple Pay Rates for a Resource

Applying Different Cost Rates to Assignments

Specifying Resource Availability at Different Times

Resolving Resources Over-allocation Manually

Microsoft Project Resource Leveling Dialog Box

Leveling over-allocated resources

Sorting, Grouping and Filtering Project Information

Project Schedule Formatting – Fundamentals

Customizing and Printing Project Information

Project Schedule Tracking – Fundamentals

Microsoft Project’s Earned Value Table

Recording Actual Start, Finish, and Duration Value of Tasks

The Calendar Tab of the Options Dialog Box

Viewing the project’s Critical Path

Delaying the Start of Assignments

Applying Contours to Assignments

Applying Contour to a Resource Assignment

Manually Editing a Task assignment

Optimizing the Project Schedule

Identifying the Project Finish Date and Total Cost

Compressing the Project Schedule

WBS Codes and Unique IDs in the Task Sheet View

Customizing the Calendar View

Using Task IDs and WBS Codes

Formatting the Network Diagram

Using Visual Reports

Working With Resource Pools


Speaker has more than 25 years of academic and field expeornece. He is PMP and Microsoft Certifed Specialist in Microsft Project.


Oct 28, 2019 - Nov 20, 2019
Mon, Wed 06:30 PM — 09:30 PM
Total Hours: 18
No. of Participants: 12
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