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Remove barriers to employee motivation. A mini course for managers and supervisors

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How can you get your employees to perform better without nagging or confrontation? There is a much better way - through goal setting, feedback and motivation. In this mini course, you will learn a quick and simple approach to improve employee performance by removing 3 common barriers to motivation. You will be guided to develop your unique action plan to get quick wins in your workplace. And you should be able to complete all of this in about an hour!


This course will cover 3 common barriers to employee motivation, and some tips on how you can remove barriers.

A downloadable action plan is included, with tips to guide you to outline a specific plan to remove barriers in your workplace and get noticable results!


Debbie Narver (BSc MBA MScIB) is an experienced manager, teacher and consultant. She has a passion for helping managers & leaders to develop their full potential. She brings her full range of education, training & experience to her coaching and teaching - drawing on practical, real life examples. Located on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada, Debbie specializes in online facilitation, and works with diverse and geographically dispersed teams and organizations.

Based on her own experiences of transitioning from a technical (science based) background into management, she focuses on helping managers & leaders to develop very practical skills for leading in complex and challenging environments. Knowing that not every manager needs or wants an MBA, Debbie strives to bring these complex, often jargon-laden techniques to a broader audience. She uses a lot of examples from the real world, and introduces practical and low-cost tools that can be used in any size and type of organization.

Debbie's areas of expertise include Strategic Management and Cross Cultural Leadership. The latter is based on some unique research she conducted during her MBA program, exploring the dynamics of culturally diverse teams. She has carefully designed her portfolio of courses to develop the skills that managers & leaders most need to be successful in a dynamic and challenging work place. She truly enjoys coaching and teaching, and loves to hear from her students!

See more of Debbie's profile, portfolio and recommendation on her LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/debbienarver/


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Jan 07, 2020 - Jan 01, 2021
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Managers of today face increasing challenging with complex, diverse and distributed operations. And there is increasing pressure for higher levels of quality, productivity, innovation and sustainability. NMC has responded with the NMC STRATEGIC MANAGER - a blend of training, facilitation and consulting services to support Managers with specialized skills and techniques. In particular, our online strategic management training and support services provide flexibility and convenience for those in disperse locations and/or busy schedules. And we specialize in techniques for managing culturally diverse teams.

Knowing that each situation is different, we provide services that can be integrated and customized to each Managers needs. This includes online training, facilitation and consulting services on strategic management topics, including:
  • Effective Strategic Planning
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Our goal is to support Managers to be effective and efficient, and to manage across distances and culture. We do this by: ...
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