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How To Get Through To Them

In-Person / Video Course


Visit https://harlequinjhb.co.za/relationships/  and grab your FREE copy of How To Get Through To Them..

12 lessons from the top 1000 ways to get through to them: “How to stop the struggle in your relationship and get everything you want”
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THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is a cutting edge Human Development Programme.

It is the Rolls Royce of personal development and is  The Premium Personal Development Programme in South Africa.

THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is a Self-Mastery Programme, designed to get you back on track and take you to a whole new level.

It is a Workshop or a Skill-Shop, which helps you increase your Confidence, increase your Self-Esteem and your Happiness. This is to make sure that you succeed in all three major categories of your life: Business, Health and your Relationships.

THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is one programme, which is divided into two unique parts.

The first part is now called: BreakThrough and the second part is called Chalice and together they make up THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE. It is divided into two parts because of the time frame, like a long movie having an intermission in the middle. It would be crazy to cover everything all in one go.

THE HARLEQUIN EXPERIENCE is not a seminar, nor is it a death by power point presentation, it is a Workshop or more like a Skill-shop – Actually it is more than just a workshop, it is an experience!

It is a NO B.S approach to the real issues that we all face in our real lives. ...

Be Limitless
Linbro Park, Sandton
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