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This course is designed to teach students the semi-automatic process Flux Cored Arc Welding (F.C.A.W.) on light gauge carbon steel for the manufacturing and production welding sector.


  1. Welding Safety
  2. Power sources and wire feeders
  3. Welding Gases
  4. Weld Parameters
  5. Wire Identification
  6. Basic Machine Maintenance


  1. T – Travel Speed
  2. A – Gun Angle
  3. L – Arc Length (tip to work)
  4. C – Welding Current (amperage voltage)
  5. Setting proper gas flow
  6. Running stringer beads and weaves in all positions
  7. Welding all position lap joints and tee joints
  8. Welding in all positions

Course Duration: 39 hours

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Advanced Welding Techniques Inc. has been incorporated since December 1995.

We are a Welder Training Facility located in Hamilton, Ontario, that specializes in Custom Welder Training courses for career-orientated individuals, as well as, custom “in-plant” training and consulting programs for companies in the welding industry.


Our Training Approach

Advanced Welding Techniques Inc.’s unique approach to Welder Training is based on knowing the needs of industry and developing training programs that meet these needs. We obtain this knowledge by keeping in contact with many companies through our “in-plant” training and consulting programs. Our training programs are designed not only to teach proper welding skills, but also to instill good work ethics into the students enrolled. To accomplish this, we work 8-hour shifts, 5 days a week, with day and afternoon shifts available. Attendance is mandatory and student progress is closely monitored.

Our Training Instructors

Advanced Welding Techniques Inc. also employs specialized instructors with practical experience to deliver these programs in a professional manner. Our instructor-to-student ratio is never more than 10 students to 1 instructor, thus giving each student the benefit of one-to-one training whenever needed. Therefore, we can shorten the duration of many training programs, in comparison to other training agencies, without sacrificing quality training. ...

Advanced Welding Techniques Inc.
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